Balance Index


The social world is complex, and social decision making is no easy task. It requires some careful consideration to sift through all the reasons and factors and people and contexts…

Take a look at the Balance Challenges below, all available on this site. Hopefully one or two can help you make social decisions that benefit you and the people around you!



Feel like you’re always making mistakes? Or do you fall into the trap of thinking you’re right all the time?



Explore the balance of I’m OK ~ I make mistakes.

You may learn about cutting yourself some slack… or owning up a bit.





Stuck doing things your way, without it helping? Or always taking other people’s advice with nothing to show for it?

balance stick with-try new


Read about the balance of sticking with your way versus trying new ways.

It could open you up to trying things a new way… or help you decide to make up your own mind.




Not sure when to jump in to a conversation? Or worried you might be contributing a little too much?

share thought-hold thought

Take a look at the balance of sharing your thoughts and holding your thoughts.

It might help you recognize when your voice is needed… and when others have heard enough.




Having a hard time staying with the flow of a conversation? Or unsure about when to bring up something you’re interested in?


Read about balancing being on topic and off on a tangent.

It could help you figure out how to stick with other people’s thoughts… or innovate with a new idea.



Wondering how to talk to your boss differently than your BFF?

casual-formal balance


Check out the balance of casual ~ formal.

You may learn about what kind of audience expects a “Good morning,” and who wants to hear “‘sup?”




Not sure how much information to give about that thing your describing?



Read about balancing explaining versus skimming.

It might help you think about leaving out some details… or giving a lot more.




Ever talk about the things you like or dislike with a bit too much fervor? Or do you feel like you can just never commit to a strong opinion?

scale enthusiastic measured


Take a look at the balance of being enthusiastic versus measured.

You may find some tips about how to hold back your enthusiasm… or ramp it up.




In a conflict and not sure how hard to push, or how long to make your case?

persevere-let it go


Read about the balance of persevering versus letting it go.

You might find something useful about letting certain things slide… or pushing even harder.




Are you really hard on yourself with your work, expecting it’s always done perfectly? Or do you find yourself in trouble for not doing enough work?

relax-work hard


Read about the balance of relaxing and working hard.

It could help you find a way to relax… or to get your act in gear.




When meeting new people, do you share too much personal information? Or are you reserved, preventing people from getting to know you?

reveal-hold back


Check out the balance of revealing versus holding back personal information.

It might help you figure out how to keep stuff private… or be a bit more outgoing.




Or, read more about the Balance Challenge framework in the Balance Breakdown.